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Pragmatic, pioneering and innovative.

Modesty realistic, pragmatic; focus on integrity, honesty, real wood science; emphasis on efficiency; results-oriented, earnest to the business bigger and stronger.


To make progress, determined to make a difference.

'Import' is a power forward, it is only continuous progress, continuous learning, in order to continue to enhance their ability to make their own drawbacks in the work; 'take' means to acquire, just before the acquisition, you need to have pay, there is no free lunch, have to pay will have a harvest.


Customer focus, customer service.

To improve the response speed of the market, we should not only listen to customers, said product features, more importantly, Qin Ting customer demand, the customer demand for rapid, accurate, smoothly passed to the various functional departments within the enterprise, and accurately reflected in the We offer our customers products or services.


As long as we can dream, we can achieve.

It is a desire or ambition or grand goals or means good condition. Constancy, essence, timeless look or phenomena qualities, as deeply rooted in the idea of perfect or typical aesthetic qualities.


Only the courage to take responsibility, to assume greater responsibility.

Responsibility is a duty or task. It is accompanied by the emergence of human society and the emergence of the society have the responsibility, living individual members of society must abide by the rules and provisions, with a mandatory


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