Flush Mount Kitchen Lighting From Better Happier Adds Elegance to Modern design

Flush mount lighting provides the perfect amount of light in small or low-ceilinged kitchens. The two-tone design of the Better Happier fixture paired with brass detailing adds interest to the space. Although traditional styles typically favor flush mount lighting, they are not limited to these spaces. This transitional kitchen from Chango & Co. features caged shades that provide structure to exposed bulbs while adding an element of edginess to the modern space.

Flush-mount pendant lights add a touch of industrial style to kitchens. The scalloped edges of the Pass & Seymour flush mount pendant give off a warm glow. This type of light is available in bronze, polished nickel, or weathered zinc. Choose the style that best complements your kitchen. If you’re going for a vintage look, consider the star-shaped flush mount light. It features two 60-watt bulbs and is seven inches from the ceiling, adding a touch of interest to lower-ceilinged rooms.

Another option for beautiful lighting in a kitchen is a semi-flush mount light with architectural styling. It features multiple lights that can be adjusted to provide accent or task lighting. These low-profile fixtures are ideal for kitchens because they create a large impact while blending in with the decor. The light’s smooth curved body blends in with white ceilings, and the opaque dome provides even illumination throughout the kitchen. This lighting option has a wide variety of applications.

Flush-mount kitchen lighting can help light up a dark corner of the kitchen without taking up valuable space. Because they’re designed to be flush, they don’t take up much ceiling real estate, making them ideal for nooks and over a kitchen table. If you want to save space, consider installing modern flush-mount fixtures over your kitchen sink and over your kitchen table. When you have a small kitchen, flush mount lighting can save you space and make your room feel more spacious.

Semi-flush mount lights are more decorative than flush mount lighting. They have a gap of four to eight inches between their base and the ceiling. They often give a room a brighter look than flush mount lights do, but they can also keep dust from obscuring the light. These lights are also great for task lighting or filling in the areas where an uplight can’t reach. You should consider using a combination of both types of lights in your kitchen, as well as a mix of both.

The modern flush-mount light fixture is easy to install. Flush-mount fixtures are versatile and can be used in any room. While the most popular type is circular, other styles include square, rectangular, and oval. They’re generally minimalist and clean-looking, but some are designed to add an element of decor. If you’re planning to use flush mount lighting, consider installing fluorescent bulbs in them. Flux-mount lighting is energy-efficient, and will save you money in the long run.