kerala home design

If you are looking for an architectural style that will add charm to your , a Kerala home design might be the best option. This unique style of home design is popular throughout the state of Kerala, and many people love the look and feel of these homes. While KHD is not a construction company, users can contact a design firm directly to get a quote and more information on the design. However, if you are not sure of which company to contact, you can also go to Google and find the designer’s website.

While traditional Kerala architecture has been rooted in the past, more contemporary design styles are emerging. Newer, modern residential architecture in Kerala has been influenced by international architects such as Argentinian Ernesto Bedmar and Sri Lankan Geoffrey Bawa. These homes reflect today’s lifestyles and concerns. To learn more about these designs, you can do a YouTube search on “Kerala housewarming”.

Traditional Kerala homes usually have a courtyard in the middle. This space is often landscaped to incorporate a Tulsi plant. The courtyard is also often decorated according to the owner’s preferences. An entry gate is not a window, but instead a large, heavy wooden structure positioned centrally near the ceiling. The goal is to provide effective ventilation. The courtyard is the prime focal point of the home. A tulsi plant is commonly placed in the center, and it is worshipped as an air purifier.

While terracotta flooring is not trendy today, it is a common feature of traditional kerala homes. Not only is it inexpensive, but it is also climate-friendly and durable. Daily cleaning also makes it smoother. In addition to being a traditional highlight, terracotta flooring is also an affordable option for those with a limited budget. If you’re looking to buy a Kerala home, consider these tips for designing the perfect house.

The size and layout of a Kerala home design is important when looking to construct your home. These houses range from 1756 square feet to almost two stories, and all of them prioritize comfort and functionality. The interiors and exteriors of these homes are simple but beautiful, and include a common bathroom. There are many different variations of these designs to choose from. Browse through the gallery to find a design that fits your tastes and needs.

A gated community of fifteen villas in Kerala inspired by native design aesthetic and grammar of mountain lodges has a unique look. These homes use natural materials and feature three distinct levels. The residences are protected by advanced security systems. The property also has a garden with organic vegetables and beehouses to help conserve the native bee species. You’ll have plenty of privacy when you build a home in Kerala. In addition, the landscaped grounds are filled with flower gardens, which look beautiful and add to the overall ambience.

The jackfruit tree inspired the architect Vinu Daniel’s design for this home. The jackfruit tree held court on one corner of the property, so he designed the house around it. The compound wall of this home revolves around the jackfruit tree and twists upward to join the roof made of ferro-cement shell. The jackfruit tree created a cozy, intimate space in the house, which is landscaped in a Japanese zen garden style. The jackfruit tree courtyard provides privacy and shade from the street, and it is accessed through the kitchen and entrance.