kidkraft playhouse

A great way to encourage your child to get plenty of exercise is by giving them a Kidkraft playhouse. These wooden structures are a little elevated, but still have everything that a grown-up would want. Inside the playhouse, they will find a pretend kitchen, a sink and stove, a chalkboard, a clock and two benches outside. The roof is especially sweet, with a cute overhang to encourage playtime outside.

You can buy several variations of the Bancroft Playhouse, including a multi-use outdoor playhouse that’s large enough for three kids but small enough to fit in a shady backyard nook. These wooden structures are built with attention to detail and come with features like a working door, twin flower boxes, and a large side window that doubles as a puppet theater. You can also buy accessories like a cafe table with a chalkboard for inside play, and a spin-able sign to keep track of your children’s favorite activities.

Another style of playhouse is the KidKraft Modern Outdoor Wooden Playhouse, which is made of cedar. It has a black and white color scheme and is packed with imaginative features for your child to explore. It also includes a kitchen set and a working mailbox. The kidkraft modern outdoor playhouse even comes with benches and seating for family and friends. There are even pre-drilled components for easy assembly, so you can get it set up quickly and worry-free.

KidKraft’s Forestview II Playhouse is one of the most popular wooden playhouses for kids. It features decorative windows and an adorable kitchen with two pans hanging on cute pegs. You can even find built-in fun activities in the playhouse, like playing a game or a puzzle. Another popular playhouse is the Real Wood Adventures(tm) 5-in-1 Game House, which has different games on each surface.

If your child is a princess, you may be able to find the perfect playhouse for her. The Princess Cape Cottage by Little Tikes is a lightweight playhouse with pink and purple walls. The Dutch door is a nice feature, as is the white shutters and star-shaped string lights. Kids will love the enchanting interiors of this princess playhouse. The house comes with optional sheer curtains to keep out the rain.

The Step2 playhouse is a smaller, more appropriate playhouse for toddlers. It has a working periscope, stairs to climb, and a short slide. This playhouse is safe for little kids to use alone, and it won’t take up much space in your yard. The Playhouse will keep your child engaged for many years. When a child outgrows their playhouse, they can simply move on to the next level, with some additions or alterations.

One of the great features of a Kidkraft playhouse is that it is sturdy and made of nice wood. My husband had pre-assembled the walls in our home and carried them outside to assemble the rest of the house. The instructions were easy to follow, and the house was up and running in no time. Our daughter was excited to play inside her own house. This playhouse is great for warm weather, and the kids will love having a place to play.