Interior Design Classes at UCLA Extension

Students with an interest in commercial interior design can take interior  classes at UCLA Extension. These courses are designed to develop creative and technical skills that can be transferred to the work force. In addition, you can earn a Master of Architecture from the UCLA Extension program. The program is the only CIDA-accredited degree for interior designers in the country. To begin your journey to a Master of Architecture, you can earn a Certificate of Indoor Environmental design from UCLA Extension. This certificate is 100% online.

The Woodbury Interior Architecture Program places a strong emphasis on conceptual development, intellectual concepts, and process. These concepts are transformed into physical form and then manifest themselves in the final design. By challenging students to develop new material that serves as the driving force behind their final project, this program pushes the boundaries of conventional concepts and paradigms. While there are several prerequisite courses, students are expected to complete four core courses and one elective before they can take more advanced classes.

The foundation level is the first step in pursuing a Master of Interior Architecture degree at UCLA. Students don’t need a portfolio for the master’s program because they can transfer work from the foundation level. To apply for the master’s program, students must submit three standard letters of recommendation along with an application. If you have taken foundation level courses at UCLA, you can skip the portfolio requirements and apply for a graduate degree in interior design at UCLA Extension.

Students wishing to pursue an M.I.A. degree in Interior Architecture at UCLA Extension have three options. The first option is the BA track, which requires no second portfolio review. The first year consists of foundation level courses, while the second year is devoted to upper division design electives. You need to complete 16 units of these classes. This will allow you to follow a specific design career and build a program that is tailored to your interests.

The BA program is an open enrollment program. The faculty is made up of part-time and tenured professors in the design industry. Throughout the courses, you’ll learn to use industry-standard software for interior design. By the time you graduate, you can sit for the NCIDQ examination. This will prepare you to work in the field of interior architecture. There are many programs at UCLA that offer this degree, so be sure to check out the ones that best suit your interests.

Once you’ve decided on your major, you can take interior design classes at UCLA. The programs vary from one school to another, but the requirements are the same. A bachelor’s degree in interior design is a great way to get a career in the field of your choice. You can learn to create and manage your own space. The program is also flexible, with many opportunities for internships and extracurricular activities. The UCLA Interior Design Certificate program is a perfect opportunity for those who would like to work in the interior design field.